First Posted online on November 1st 2014

When you hear about glamor, the images hitting your visual cortex ought to be of catwalks, ramps, svelte models, handsome chiseled men among glaring lights with sizzling music and less of a Literary meet, unless of course Literary Meet participants or their grammar bring glamor to the event. In many ways “Grammar” and “Glamor” are more closer in a dictionary than people following them in real worlds.

I was watching the Spelling Bee on TV held at Washington DC all the while egging my glamor struck kid to pronounce the words children were spelling in the competition. The indian diaspora in USA has rekindled their childhood races in full steam, not letting a single year go by when scores of Indian origin kids come loaded with word armory competing in Spelling Bee at national stage.

I’m sure that Spelling Bee hosting DC Convention Centre now carries samosas, idli-dosas and vada-paos along with ginger tea on Spelling Bee day. It’s become ad nauseam now watching the Indian associated feat repeat each year, so much so that in 2014 top 2 Indian origin american kids didn’t let the other win and were awarded joint winners when Spelling Bee organizers just ran out of words to ask.

I was thrown back many years ago to a soundproof AIR studio at Lucknow answering the origin of word “Glamor” in a quiz show. That answer won my team the semi-final spot on that AIR program putting us into the finals of that quiz show in Lucknow. Along came more memories of spending time at the BCL (Mayfair) and a lot of time reading while standing on one leg in Manav Prakash’s hut.

Glamor :-

A few hundred years ago, knowledge was worn as ornament by a chosen few whose command of language through grammar mesmerised the hoi polloi and the common man waited in awe to listen the educated speak. Awestruck common men looked up to and obeyed the knowledgeable, who paraded their grammar with pride. The state of the commoner was described as magic called glamor.

Internet and Social media is contributing in many ways and a visible effect we notice are the many poets and authors pouring and sharing their creations on the internet. This could not have happened easily without internet. I am glamor struck by the human capacity to innovate, though vastness of access to such new literature can become daunting for many while every internet user becomes a consumer and a judge.

“How has internet and social media contributed towards literature and how has literature changed since internet? Is literature becoming richer and growing?”