First Posted online on May 6th 2016

He enjoyed his sweets. He loved it but never gorged the way I did as kid. How childhood habits become routine when we grow older. He had to have a glass of water with the last of anything sweet, to wash it down the throat. The satisfaction, the pleasure said it all. Disturbing the routine a strict no that could upset him. Another routine he had, was having milk-malai with sugar as middle of night snack. You could find him getting the milk-malai from fridge in the middle of night, sitting on dining chair, eyes closed and eating with sugar. Our dog sitting beside him, waiting for some to share, then both quietly retiring to bed after. Amma would disapprove of the habit, complaining that ghee from milk-malai could not be made as quickly as she may have wanted. Years later when doctors did not allow his malai, his sweets, the ghee could be made more often. While Papa dropped his childhood enjoyment of sweets, there was more malai in fridge, though we could look at Amma and say that Amma missed making that reminder to him. All that ghee could be made, for no one in particular. Milk purchase became less. Habits, people fade away. Memories remain. Today, about a month before the visit home, the memories are coming back again. Well… they never left me. 🙂