First Posted online on July 10th 2018

More than 2 weeks of Thai Soccer team separation from their parents, when the parents could only watch on TV their teenage sons trapped in a cave. What did the parents want in those 2 weeks? The parents wanted to hug their sons, feel the warmth and give them protection of comfort.

10 years have passed and the touch, the feel, the comfort is what we crave for, from him and loved ones. The emptiness of separation is painful. In a nutshell, that is the social touch of our civilization. The longing to be with loved ones, the touch and feel. Social media gives a virtual closeness of knowing about others, but makes many devoid of the feelings. We know the other person is there but do not talk, laugh or feel with others. In my opinion, that is empty feelings, the sense of which is stonewalling the young of today with their near and dear.